Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Knitting... not going so swimmingly! I have two weeks to have EVERYTHING DONE.
Here's the list:
-Hat for Josh
-Hat for my brother (really, really warm!)
-Hat for my dad
-tie for my dad (hopefully)
-something for Mandy (I have no idea what to make her...maybe slippers or something. I ought to just buy her something...)
-Something for laura...perhaps a cute hat out of my left over pink yarn.
-something for my mom. A scarf or hat or something. Im going to buy her something too though.

Yes. That's it I think. I've done a lot of the knitting and such and I've cut people from the list. ::sig:: Please shoot me next time I want to stat my christmas knitting right after thanksgiving...It never works out. Thanks.

PS--SOrry for neglecting this so much! :( I have holidays soon and so Ill catch everything back up and whathaveyou.

happy knitting!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am very, very sorry for not updating in such a long while! I've been busy and things so yes.. I've been knitting up a storm tho..Well not THAT much but I do what I have time for :)

I've started again on the sweater of doom! I ripped out an entire sleeve, used that yarn to finish the left-front pannel. Then used the other cone to make both sleeves and the hood. Well, I am in the proccess of the sleeves and hood..haha. I've got one sleeve down and have started on the next one. It's going to be more of a lite coat than a cardigan--The cotton add's weight and then of course the hood and belt will add more of a "coatesque" feeling to it. I'm fairly excited :D

I've also gotten some fabulous yarn! For my late birthday present, ryan got me two balls of this this:
Image hosted by

gorgeous, no? Im thinking it will be made into some lovely arm warmers--I've only got 240 yards so It's going to be tricky indeed..

I got some others as well that I havent Im just too lazy and busy at the moment! Eep!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Ill start updating with FO and thigns again, I promise!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

That's right. I almost cheated.

I hate blogger. It doesn't give me enough options for navigation ect. I almost switched. Then decided it wasnt worth it. Made whole new blog on another site. Was getting it set up and everything. I couldn't go through with it. I'm sorry, Blogger, Im ashamed of myself.

In other news, Charlie Brown is almost done! hoorah! I should have it done by midnight tonight! Which means I'll get to post it in knitting, theknittingkind, craftster, AND here. Lots of typing which leaves no room for reading. I guess I'll be up until 3AM again tonight. No big deal ^_~

Off to knit!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Bleach will not spoil my fun!

So as I was scrubbing down my kitchen with some bleach for its weekly run down, I happened to get some on my BLACK TANK TOP. It's really not that big of a deal because it's an old tank, but still! So, I came up with an idea....

Image hosted by

hehe...I added some of those splatters at the bottom :-)

In other news, continental knitting is not a fan of me and I must say the feeling is becoming mutual. I know that it will just take some time but...rawr. my sts are coming out all twisted and business. Not fun!

I have all of this yarn (see photo below please) and I think that I want to make a fitted cardigan with it with three quarter length sleeves--I think that if I do it on huge needles (13's or so?) theat I'll have enough yarn. I also just cant make it too long...hmm. Ideas or suggestions for patterns?

Image hosted by

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rediculously Easy Mary Jane Slippers

So here we go! I have started the Rediculously Easy Mary Jane Slippers I have casted on with two different colors--One is a grey and one is pink. Togehter they make a worsted weight which will work out nicely. I love pink and grey together so hopefully I'll figure out a way to wear them outside of the house and have them be actual shoes instead of slippers :-) I've got a few ideas such as getting black yarn and doing a double knitted pannel and sewing it to the bottom--I couldn't wear them when it rains but I could wear them just out and about--Tho Id have to find some of those anti-slip things that you put on baby socks. hmm there's an idea..

Well the thing that is special about these is that I'm going to knit them continentaly :( I know how and have done it before but I suck at it. Id really liketo learn because everyone says how much faster it is! That and I want to become knittingqueenoftheworld. Just joking. I know HOW to and I know the norwegian purl--so I guess since Im making them in seed st instead of garter, I'll get better! :D

I have a bunch of random remains of Bernat Denim--in mostly black but I have maroon and green too. Im thinking a striped shirt is in order. I think Id have enough for a snug tank of some sorts. Not to find a pattern since i am FAR too lazy to make one myself. :-)

I probly wont get done with these before I go to the beach but ill update on the progress :-) bye everyone!

done :-)

The One skein wonder is finally done! I say finally even tho I started it like..three days ago and it only took about 5 hours of knitting, probly less--Only that long because I hate picking up sts--I suck at it :) It turned out just like the picture. Now I just need to make it so that it covers more of my chest area--Gotta use these things to cover up the straps to my camis!! :-) I was really pleased with the pattern. Not sure I am really pleased about having to pay for it since now that I've made it, it seems like such a *duh* pattern but whatev. Props to the creater for thinking of such a genius pattern. I think Im going to add lappels and a hood. I like hoods. If you couldnt tell. lol.

Image hosted by
Here is the front. I was really pleased with the oclor way--at first I was kinda iffy--but now im pretty pleased with it. Itll look great with black :)

Image hosted by
And the back...

Image hosted by
Ths shoulder with my long hair in the bg on the mirror haha.

Image hosted by
This is the back of it while im wearing it indeed.

Image hosted by
Me making a goofy face while wearing it... lol

I really need to be more photogenic. Those are OK, but the coloring SUCKS. I waited too long to finish it--I went to the gym and other things today so I didnt have time until tonight when there was zero natural sunlight left. The yellowness of my bathroom lights are terrible. And its just easier to take photos in the mirror. ::sigh::

Now! I need another project! I think Im going to go into my stash and make some Mary Janes. I need to start ripping a sweater back too. Oh shit, I need to be crocheting this baby blanket. Whoops. Forgot about that indeed--oh well, that's what I'll take with me in the car to florida to do. :-)

I feel like today was a productive day! Gym (424 calories burned on the treadmile thankyouverymuch!) finished the shrug..oh yes :-)

Ya know, there are some ugly ass patterns out there. I wonder what people were thinking when they thought to make that stuff they call "knitting". Psh. who knows.
Well I am off to leap around in my shrug and decide if I actually like it or not.
Tootles my loves :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


My one skein wonder is coming along just dandy--Was gonna have it done tonight but then realized I didnt really have tim to do all the tings I ahd planned. So. Its being worked on and will be finished tomorrow morning :) Its better that way anyway becasue ill take photos the minute im done (well i have to throw on some makeup first too haha) and itll be better to take the pics in natural day light indeed.

In other news, some friends and I have started a new knitting community on Livejournal. It's called TheKnittingKind. I'm really hoping that it will grow into a small community--I think that Im finally just going to suck it up and leave the other knitting community--too much drama for my liking. :-\ Makes me sad tho because there are a lot of really nice people on there and it sucks that some people had to ruin it for me. Oh well tho. The new community is a snark free zone so come and check it out if you want to.

Annnnd that concludes this weeks episode of "Shauna in tights".

Oh and PS--If you know the song "get low", you should go and download "get lower" by chris rock--its atiny clip of him basically mocking it. oh man is it great....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Never again.

Berroco patterns are officially dead to me. They might as well not even exist -_- Gail has been doomed from the start. Imagine my surprise when last night I finished my first Peaches n creme cone and start on the new one..then..GASP! It's a whole different SHADE! GAH! Oh and then to have a WALMART lady yell AT ME trying to tell me that I wont be able to FIND the dye lot. Oh goodness. She should be fired. Old crazy bat. Anyway, this morning I took pics tures at 2AM. You can see the wonderful color difference in the photo to the left. Please excuse m plaid pajamas...I WAS in my bed ya know lol. *sigh* I guess my only other options are: Bleaching (which I do NOT want to have to do..) or ripping out the other sleeve, using that yarn to finish the pannel, then using the the newer yarn, make the sleeves, Even tho itd look like crap. It'd be a fashion statement. meh. Bleach? yeah i think so too.

::sigh:: In other news, Twila bought the One Skein Wonder for me using the money I gave her and so I'm working on that. It seems to be going well. I really love the colorway--nice and brigh. Not usually something I'd wear but I plan on making MANY MANY MANY of these in ALL colors haha. It's going pretty darned fast and is just easy as pie. I really like my cheapo $1.99 circs I got from Joann's too. Hoorah for actually liking something from there! :-)

Now I just need to figure out what I want to make twi for her dorm room--I want to make her SOMETHING but I havent figure out WHAT yet. Perhaps a pillow cover? Not a blanket becasue she already made herself one of those. hmm maybeee...Perhaps a bag of some sorts. Who knows.

Alright I'm off to work on the one skein wonder. Tootles my loves.