Wednesday, July 13, 2005


My one skein wonder is coming along just dandy--Was gonna have it done tonight but then realized I didnt really have tim to do all the tings I ahd planned. So. Its being worked on and will be finished tomorrow morning :) Its better that way anyway becasue ill take photos the minute im done (well i have to throw on some makeup first too haha) and itll be better to take the pics in natural day light indeed.

In other news, some friends and I have started a new knitting community on Livejournal. It's called TheKnittingKind. I'm really hoping that it will grow into a small community--I think that Im finally just going to suck it up and leave the other knitting community--too much drama for my liking. :-\ Makes me sad tho because there are a lot of really nice people on there and it sucks that some people had to ruin it for me. Oh well tho. The new community is a snark free zone so come and check it out if you want to.

Annnnd that concludes this weeks episode of "Shauna in tights".

Oh and PS--If you know the song "get low", you should go and download "get lower" by chris rock--its atiny clip of him basically mocking it. oh man is it great....


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