Thursday, July 14, 2005

done :-)

The One skein wonder is finally done! I say finally even tho I started it like..three days ago and it only took about 5 hours of knitting, probly less--Only that long because I hate picking up sts--I suck at it :) It turned out just like the picture. Now I just need to make it so that it covers more of my chest area--Gotta use these things to cover up the straps to my camis!! :-) I was really pleased with the pattern. Not sure I am really pleased about having to pay for it since now that I've made it, it seems like such a *duh* pattern but whatev. Props to the creater for thinking of such a genius pattern. I think Im going to add lappels and a hood. I like hoods. If you couldnt tell. lol.

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Here is the front. I was really pleased with the oclor way--at first I was kinda iffy--but now im pretty pleased with it. Itll look great with black :)

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And the back...

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Ths shoulder with my long hair in the bg on the mirror haha.

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This is the back of it while im wearing it indeed.

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Me making a goofy face while wearing it... lol

I really need to be more photogenic. Those are OK, but the coloring SUCKS. I waited too long to finish it--I went to the gym and other things today so I didnt have time until tonight when there was zero natural sunlight left. The yellowness of my bathroom lights are terrible. And its just easier to take photos in the mirror. ::sigh::

Now! I need another project! I think Im going to go into my stash and make some Mary Janes. I need to start ripping a sweater back too. Oh shit, I need to be crocheting this baby blanket. Whoops. Forgot about that indeed--oh well, that's what I'll take with me in the car to florida to do. :-)

I feel like today was a productive day! Gym (424 calories burned on the treadmile thankyouverymuch!) finished the shrug..oh yes :-)

Ya know, there are some ugly ass patterns out there. I wonder what people were thinking when they thought to make that stuff they call "knitting". Psh. who knows.
Well I am off to leap around in my shrug and decide if I actually like it or not.
Tootles my loves :-)


Blogger Jennifa said...

It's cute! And the pictures don't look bad, so you're not unphotogenic!

Sunday, July 17, 2005 9:36:00 AM


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