Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Never again.

Berroco patterns are officially dead to me. They might as well not even exist -_- Gail has been doomed from the start. Imagine my surprise when last night I finished my first Peaches n creme cone and start on the new one..then..GASP! It's a whole different SHADE! GAH! Oh and then to have a WALMART lady yell AT ME trying to tell me that I wont be able to FIND the dye lot. Oh goodness. She should be fired. Old crazy bat. Anyway, this morning I took pics tures at 2AM. You can see the wonderful color difference in the photo to the left. Please excuse m plaid pajamas...I WAS in my bed ya know lol. *sigh* I guess my only other options are: Bleaching (which I do NOT want to have to do..) or ripping out the other sleeve, using that yarn to finish the pannel, then using the the newer yarn, make the sleeves, Even tho itd look like crap. It'd be a fashion statement. meh. Bleach? yeah i think so too.

::sigh:: In other news, Twila bought the One Skein Wonder for me using the money I gave her and so I'm working on that. It seems to be going well. I really love the colorway--nice and brigh. Not usually something I'd wear but I plan on making MANY MANY MANY of these in ALL colors haha. It's going pretty darned fast and is just easy as pie. I really like my cheapo $1.99 circs I got from Joann's too. Hoorah for actually liking something from there! :-)

Now I just need to figure out what I want to make twi for her dorm room--I want to make her SOMETHING but I havent figure out WHAT yet. Perhaps a pillow cover? Not a blanket becasue she already made herself one of those. hmm maybeee...Perhaps a bag of some sorts. Who knows.

Alright I'm off to work on the one skein wonder. Tootles my loves.


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