Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rediculously Easy Mary Jane Slippers

So here we go! I have started the Rediculously Easy Mary Jane Slippers I have casted on with two different colors--One is a grey and one is pink. Togehter they make a worsted weight which will work out nicely. I love pink and grey together so hopefully I'll figure out a way to wear them outside of the house and have them be actual shoes instead of slippers :-) I've got a few ideas such as getting black yarn and doing a double knitted pannel and sewing it to the bottom--I couldn't wear them when it rains but I could wear them just out and about--Tho Id have to find some of those anti-slip things that you put on baby socks. hmm there's an idea..

Well the thing that is special about these is that I'm going to knit them continentaly :( I know how and have done it before but I suck at it. Id really liketo learn because everyone says how much faster it is! That and I want to become knittingqueenoftheworld. Just joking. I know HOW to and I know the norwegian purl--so I guess since Im making them in seed st instead of garter, I'll get better! :D

I have a bunch of random remains of Bernat Denim--in mostly black but I have maroon and green too. Im thinking a striped shirt is in order. I think Id have enough for a snug tank of some sorts. Not to find a pattern since i am FAR too lazy to make one myself. :-)

I probly wont get done with these before I go to the beach but ill update on the progress :-) bye everyone!


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