Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Knitting... not going so swimmingly! I have two weeks to have EVERYTHING DONE.
Here's the list:
-Hat for Josh
-Hat for my brother (really, really warm!)
-Hat for my dad
-tie for my dad (hopefully)
-something for Mandy (I have no idea what to make her...maybe slippers or something. I ought to just buy her something...)
-Something for laura...perhaps a cute hat out of my left over pink yarn.
-something for my mom. A scarf or hat or something. Im going to buy her something too though.

Yes. That's it I think. I've done a lot of the knitting and such and I've cut people from the list. ::sig:: Please shoot me next time I want to stat my christmas knitting right after thanksgiving...It never works out. Thanks.

PS--SOrry for neglecting this so much! :( I have holidays soon and so Ill catch everything back up and whathaveyou.

happy knitting!